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Montreal's Christmas Markets organized by La Lutinerie

Montreal's Christmas Markets organized by La Lutinerie

Courtesy of Line Basbous for Montreal's Christmas Markets

We were dying to know more about the upcoming Montreal Christmas markets, so we had to ask La Lutinerie what's up. Line Basbous, founder and general director of the non-profit organization behind Montreal's Christmas markets, generously accepted to give MTL Blog an exclusive interview before the official release of info.

According to Basbous, the Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal at the Quartier des Spectacles will open on November 19, the Village de Noël de Montréal at Atwater Market on November 24 and the Marché de Noël at Jean-Talon Market on November 26.

You can find the proposed schedules for each free-to-attend Christmas market here.

There will be between 30 and 40 artisans at the big market downtown, about 30 vendors at Atwater's Christmas Village, and fifteen or so at Jean-Talon. As usual, you'll find free activities, and holiday-themed shows such as Christmas chorales, as well as new entertainment.

Here's what's happening at each market.

Celebrate NYE At The Grand Marché de Noël (Quartier des Spectacles)

\u200bThe Grand March\u00e9 de No\u00ebl De Montr\u00e9al at the Quartier Des Spectacles

The Grand Marché de Noël De Montréal at the Quartier Des Spectacles

Photo by Vincent Nedelec, courtesy of Line Basbous, La Lutinerie

This time around, the bigger market at the Quartier des Spectacles should remain open until the wee hours of New Year's Day. In 2021, organizers had to shut down the Grand Marché de Noël after December 24 because of COVID-19 restrictions.

"This year marks the second edition of the Grand Marché de Noël downtown, but to us it feels like it's gonna be the first real one. We are crossing our fingers for a non-pandemic context this time," the general director said.

For the first time ever, La Lutinerie is preparing a big finale at the Quartier des Spectacles site: a big musical show on December 31.

You can go there to kiss 2022 goodbye! The show will feature three musical segments, including a soft sequence from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and something groovier from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m, followed by a festive DJ set until the final countdown. The festivities should end at 1 a.m. on January 1.

Stuff Yourself At The Village de Noël de Montreal (Atwater Market)

The Village de No\u00ebl at Atwater Market

The Village de Noël at Atwater Market

Courtesy of Line Basbous, La Lutinerie

For its seventh edition, the Village de Noël de Montréal at Atwater Market is bringing back the gourmet Friday evenings, starting with a huge raclette party on November 25. Tickets for the foodie event are selling fast, so cheese enthusiasts shouldn't wait too long to book their spot.

The following gourmet Friday should be an Alsatian food night, and if everything goes according to plan, participating Montrealers will enjoy some nice oven-baked flammkuchen, hot wine, bretzels and other traditional pastries from northeastern France.

Then, La Lutinerie is planning a "Christmas under the sun" evening featuring a dish from a tropical destination, as well as a more traditional event with a Quebec-style menu.

On top of that, you can expect free Christmas movie projections at the Christmas Village, and you'll have a chance to take pictures with the one and only Santa Claus on Saturdays and Sundays.

Discover Local Products At The Marché de Noël (Jean-Talon Market)

A chorale at the March\u00e9 de No\u00ebl At Jean-Talon Market

A chorale at the Marché de Noël At Jean-Talon Market

Courtesy of Line Basbous, La Lutinerie

More food-focused, the smaller Marché de Noël at Jean-Talon Market will feature tasty local products, such as chocolate, foie gras and other comforting delicacies.

This is a good opportunity to go grocery shopping and get all the ingredients you need for holiday feasts with the family and friends.

The Marché de Noël will operate at the same hours as the Jean-Talon Market.

SURPRISE: "Noël À Montréal," A Signature Spectacle By La Lutinerie

Last but not least, La Lutinerie is organizing an unprecedented spectacle, staging a "realm of the elves" in three chapters, and you'll have to visit each market to get the full story.

"Our goal is to get people to visit the three Christmas markets, as we want to create a synergy between the locations. You don't have to visit all the markets on the same day! But within six weeks, visitors have plenty of time if they want to see all the chapters," Line Basbous told MTL Blog.

You'll be able to watch the first chapter every day starting at 4 p.m. at the Grand Marché de Noël. Visitors will follow an itinerary guiding them to six small stages where they can watch professional acrobats and circus performers do what they do best.

More children-oriented, the second chapter at the Village de Noël will be an interactive performance with comedians and actors.

The third and finale chapter at Jean-Talon's Marché de Noël is a contemplative exhibition of a giant Christmas ornament within which an elf has built his cute little home.

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