Only 0.31% Of Montreal Homes For Sale Are Listed Below $200K, According To A New Study

The housing market has skyrocketed in popular cities across the country.

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Montreal houses.

Montreal houses.

The Canadian housing market has been on the rise for quite some time now, making finding an affordable home seem like somewhat of a miracle — especially in big cities around the country.

When it comes to Montreal homes for sale, a new study conducted by Point2 found that only a tiny percentage (0.31%) of houses on the market are listed under $200,000.

And according to Point2, that's rather common in many Canadian metropolitan cities. The study looked at most populous cities in five regions: Quebec, Ontario, The Prairies, Atlantic Canada, and British Columbia.

"With the national median exceeding the $800,000 threshold, $200,000 might not buy much in Canada’s large urban hubs where only 1% of the housing stock for sale is below $200K," the press release reads.


Just take a look at the escalation in this graph above. In the past 15 years, the median price for homes in Canada has absolutely skyrocketed — specifically since 2020.


But luckily, in Québec, Point2 said that $200K "can provide access to a fair share of less expensive homes."

When it comes to the main findings for Quebec real estate, the province's capital had the highest share of homes listed for less than $200,000: 9.8%, which Point2 claims translates to approximately 240 "more affordable" homes listed on the market.

Only 1-2% of shares in Laval, Longueuil, and Gatineau have listed under $200,000

And to no one's surprise, Point2 found that out of all the most populous cities in Quebec, Montreal is the most expensive to buy a home.

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