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This 2-Bedroom Single Family Montreal Home For Sale Is $350,000

Cute, cozy and most importantly...CHEAP(ish). 🏡

Montreal home for sale.

Montreal home for sale.

In the market for a home to call your own? Well, with housing prices on the rise in Montreal, finding a space that both fits your needs and that you can actually afford isn't an easy task.

Luckily, there are still a few affordable homes on the Island of Montreal, though they tend to be far from the city centre. But this $350,000 two-bedroom, two-bathroom single-family house is located in the Hochelaga–Maisonneuve neighbourhood.

The property is on the market through DuProprio and spans a dimension lot total of 2,250 square feet, offering up loads of space for a new family, a fixer-upper project, or a rental property if that's what you're on the hunt for.


The house's first-storey is spacious thanks to its open-concept design measuring 25' x 20'.

The kitchen has significant cabinet and countertop space, and ceramic tile flooring, which is a dream for cleaning up.


Considering the kitchen is big enough to hold a table, you can opt to transform the dining room into a multi-purpose space for a craft or hobby you might be into.

Or heck, make it into one of those fancy dining rooms nobody is allowed to go into. You've got the space, may as well use it!


On the same level, you'll find the living area. Sure, it's a great spot to end your day in, but the real seller is the AC!

Montreal summers can be brutal, so the air conditioner wall unit is in just the right spot to keep the house nice and cool.


There are two bedrooms located on the basement level.

The primary bedroom measures 11' x 15', while the second bedroom comes in at 8' x 12', which is just the right size for a kid's room, home gym, or a walk-in closet if you're fancy like that.


At all familiar with those "I gotta go" dances you do in front of the bathroom door waiting for whoever's in there to come out? Yeah, no more of that with two full bathrooms.

Both washrooms are spacious — allowing you to feel great about getting ready for the day...Ok, maybe not great but at least clean.


Now, let's talk about the backyard.

Finding a property that offers two levels AND a backyard isn't as easy a find as you might think.

For $350,000 you've got yourself a cozy and charming lot that offers you loads of privacy from your neighbours. Something you can't always say when it comes to buying a condo or semi-attached property for the same price, or more.

The backyard is also big enough to fit a gazebo, swing set, and a garden if you wanna get your Martha Stewart on. Not to mention a shed for storage, and heaps of green space.

And if that's still not enough, the property is only located three minutes away from the bus stop, and 15 minutes from the Honoré-Beaugrand metro, schools, arenas, and grocery stores.

Bi-Level Montreal Home For Sale


Price: $350,000

Address: 2296, rue Paul-Pau, Montreal, QC


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