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The Montreal Weather Forecast Is Calling For (You Guessed It) Even More Rain This Week

Rain, rain, go away, and seriously... don't come back another day, please!

Two people with umbrellas walking down Mont-Royal street in Montreal, Quebec.

Two people with umbrellas walking down Mont-Royal street in Montreal, Quebec.

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, it's June, the flowers are here, and the rain seems to have not gotten the memo.

With June off to a rainy start, it appears as if the Montreal weather isn't going to be clearing up any time soon.

The 514 was recently hit with a severe thunderstorm warning and countless tornado watches across Quebec, and Mother Nature isn't done just yet.

According to The Weather Network, Montreal is setting up for a dreary and wet week ahead.

The forecast for June 18 is not only serving up cold temperatures with a high of 16 degrees, but Montrealers can expect "light rain" for most of the day.

While things will finally clear up this Sunday, just in time for the Grand Prix race, it'll be back to rain, rain and more rain in the upcoming week.

The Weather Network is predicting up to 20 millimetres of rain from Tuesday through Saturday.

Monday and Tuesday will start off the week with highs in the low-to-mid 20s.

As for Wednesday, June 22, Montrealers can expect a risk of a thunderstorm — however, prepare for some muggy temps.

The daily high will be 25 degrees with a humidex of 31. Rain and humidity? You all know what this means. That sticky humid feeling is on its way.

The Montreal weather isn't looking so great come Thursday either as the city is expected to be hit with yet another "cloudy with showers" day accompanied by a humidex high of 33.

Oh, summer sun... where are you?

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