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Mayor Plante's Naughty Slip Of The Tongue When Talking About Leylah Fernandez Is Funny AF


Nineteen-year-old tennis star Leylah Fernandez has been putting Quebec on the map with historic wins landing her in this weekend's U.S. Open final. Naturally, local leaders have been speaking out to commend her, but Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante seems to have gotten a little carried away with a hilarious slip of the tongue.

At a press conference on September 10, Mayor Plante was showering Fernandez with praise when she accidentally said a naughty word.

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6 Tips For Overcoming 'Impostor Syndrome' From The Montrealer Who Wrote A Book On It

Where my perfectionists at? 🙋🏼

If you've never heard the term "impostor syndrome," you may still relate to feeling like an impostor in your own life. Am I actually qualified for the promotion I just got? Did I really deserve the award I won? Has all my success just been one big bout of good luck?

Montreal author and journalist Marissa Miller knows these feelings all too well. So well, in fact, she wrote a book on the subject. PRETTY WEIRD: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome and Other Oddly Empowering Lessons came out in May, published by Skyhorse Publishing and distributed by Simon & Schuster, and it has already racked up rave reviews, garnering 4.8 stars on Amazon. It also became an Amazon best-seller in multiple categories.

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This Quebecer Described How She Went From Sleeping In Her Car To Buying A $5 Million House

Melanie Ann Layer opened up about her success.

Melanie Ann Layer is a 33-year-old entrepreneur, founder and head of Alpha Femme, a luxury boutique coaching firm. Narcity Québec reports that in August, she made history in the Lower Laurentides with the purchase of a nearly $5 million mansion — a record sale for the Quebec subregion.

Layer spoke to Narcity Québec about her career journey, including a low point in which she had to sleep in her car.

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Hélène Boudreau's Before & After Photos Show Her 1-Year Journey To Becoming A Millionaire

She says she went from sleeping on a floor mattress to owning two triplexes worth $3 million.

It's hard to believe Hélène Boudreau has been in the spotlight for less than a year, yet it was only April when her famous UQAM graduation photo made waves, giving her OnlyFans income a major boost.

Boudreau recently told Narcity Québec that sex work comes with getting "bashed" and "ridiculed," which is "hard on morale." But a new Instagram post throws shade at her haters, as she documents her journey from sleeping on a mattress on the floor to becoming a millionaire who owns two triplexes — all in the span of one year.

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Balarama Holness Says He’ll Officially Recognize Montreal As A Bilingual City If Elected

"Montreal is bilingual and multicultural and it is something that we should embrace," he said.

Activist and Grey Cup-winning Alouette Balarama Holness is saying he'll officially recognize Montreal as a bilingual city if elected mayor in November.

"We live in a francophone province in a francophone city from a legislative perspective, but the reality of Montreal is far different," the leader of Mouvement Montréal said in an interview with MTL Blog.

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A Manitoban Shared 8 Things He Wishes He Knew Before Moving To Montreal & They're So True

#5 "Quebeckers being rude is propaganda."

Moving to Montreal and noticing Montrealers' many quirks might ironically be the most Montreal experience there is. And a recent, locally viral Reddit post proves it.

The August 31 post by Winnipegger-turned-Montrealer Danny Parys entitled "8 things I wish I knew before I moved to Montreal" has garnered over 900 upvotes and 300 comments as of the time of writing.

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