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kickback montreal

If you've been looking for a good laugh, Montreal's hottest comedy show-turn-after-party is back this weekend for a night filled with some of the best local acts along with some very special guest surprises.

Per usual, the event will kick off with a free shot from Kickback co-creators Eva Alexopoulos and DJ Micah. The duo is kicking off back-to-school in a way that you will definitely remember with the return of Kickback's BYOB format at its new and permanent location in Griffintown.

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The Just For Laughs festival is officially on with an impressive lineup of stand-up comics and loads of must-see shows at the main festival, OFF-JFL and the franco sets of Zoofest. Of particular note is Montreal's very own Kickback comedy show, whose July 19 edition will make history as the first-ever local anglophone show to hit the Zoofest/OFF-JFL main stage.

Zoofest has always been primarily franco-focused, so Kickback landing the lead is a significant milestone for the comedy show and the comedy scene as a whole in Montreal. "It’s clear there is room at the table for everyone," Kickback co-creator Eva Alexo told MTL Blog.

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Montreal comedy show Kickback is closing out GiggleFest tonight with a hilarious lineup and a sickening after-party, the first in a while! Oh, and did we mention you can score some free shots, too?

Kickback creators Eva Alexopoulos and DJ Micah are coming in hot with not one but two shows this month and you can get in some laughs tonight, April 8 for the ultimate comedy kickback. Ha, get it?

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Montreal comedy party Kickback is closing out the summer in style this weekend with a hilarious lineup of stand-up comics and of course, not only one but two free shots.

The comedy extravaganza will take place at a secret spot on Saint-Laurent on September 17 with a 9:00 p.m. showtime. As usual, Kickback creators Eva Alexopoulos and Micah will be covering the first shot to really kick things off while the event's sponsor, Prohibition, will be covering the second.

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Looking to get your laugh, dance and funk on? The Kickback has got you covered. Montreal's largest English comedy show and after-party is set to return this upcoming June, however, The Kickback is introducing a brand new special show, Uptown Comedy, happening in Montreal on April 1.

The Kickback, which is headed by local stand-up comedian, Eva Alexo and her partner and local DJ, Micah, first began two years ago when the duo decided to bring comedy and music together.

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