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A New Canada Winter Forecast Has Dropped & It Could Get Colder Than Your Ex's Heart

Fall has been mild, but that's about to change for much of the country.🥶

Snowfall on a Montreal street.

Snowfall on a Montreal street.

Fall is racing towards its end, weather we like it or not. The Weather Network has released what it calls a "preview" Canada winter forecast, portending a plunge into below-average temps for much of the country.

While the site notes that many Canadians (save for the Great Lakes area and southern Quebec) have been blessed with "warmer than normal" temps so far this fall, a major turn is expected for the beginning of the snowy season.

"Our preliminary winter forecast highlights a major pattern change with widespread colder than normal temperatures for the season," TWN meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham wrote online.

As opposed to the 2022 fall forecast, the network notes that the preliminary winter weather forecast map shows lots of blue (colder than normal weather) for a huge swath of the country, stretching roughly from Quebec's Outaouais and Laurentides regions all the way up to Yellowknife.

Elsewhere, including, it seems, Montreal, TWN predicts near-normal winter temps.

Only the eastern extremities of Atlantic Canada are expected to see above-normal seasonal temps, so if you know people living in Halifax or St. John's, you might want to consider a friendly visit.

Quebecers might have some relief before diving into their usually frigid winter: the final week of October could be a period of above-normal temperatures in the southern parts of la belle province, TWN shows.

Then, once November begins, it's back to what the network calls the "inevitable slide into winter."

"As we look ahead to the second half of November through December, we expect a colder pattern will return to Ontario and Quebec, giving this region a quicker start to winter than we have become accustomed to seeing in recent years," Dr. Doug Gillham stated.

The forecast for the beginning of winter seems to still be up in the air. TWN so far predicts either a "near normal" or "a colder than normal start to winter from the central Prairies to western Quebec."

So you might want to make sure your winter tires and outfits are ready for the coming months, or simply plan an escape to the south.

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