A TikToker Went Viral For Explaining The Biggest Difference Between Quebec & Ontario Schools

She was SHOOK!

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Canadian TikToker explains the biggest difference between Quebec and Ontario schools.

Canadian TikToker explains the biggest difference between Quebec and Ontario schools.

While culture shock is normal when moving or travelling to another country, you might not expect it to happen when you switch provinces. Well, that was the case for a Canadian TikToker who went viral after explaining the biggest difference between Quebec and Ontario schools.

Déborah-Dali (@debodali on TikTok) posted a video to her TikTok page describing her experience moving from Quebec to Ontario for middle school — and it's safe to say she was absolutely shook.

"What's the biggest culture shock you've ever had in your own country? I'll go first," she said.


I think I had heard it once before that day😩😭💀 #canada #cultureshock #quebec #ocanada #ColdDays

"So I grew up in Quebec, right? And for middle school, we moved to Ontario and on the first day of school — when I still didn't speak a f*cking word of English and it was traumatic — they played the national anthem," Déborah-Dali continued.

For those who live and attend school in Quebec, having the Canadian anthem be played at the start of every. single. school. day. is a pretty rare occurrence.

"Everybody just stopped moving like halfway through their sentence, people were late for class and literally like a bird would have stopped flying," Déborah-Dali said. "And then I remember looking around but not understanding, being so confused."

The TikTok creator said that she went home and asked her siblings about the anthem, too. Turns out, they were just as confused.

"Then we realized that they play the national anthem every single morning and you have to not speak or move, no matter what you're doing in pretty much all of Canada, apparently, just not Quebec," she finished.

In fact, Déborah-Dali shared that prior to moving to Ontario, she'd likely only "heard it [anthem] once before that day."

Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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