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The 21 Best Old Montreal Restaurants For Brunch, Fine Dining & Everything In Between

Your guide to dining on a dime, fancy feasting, or a dazzling date night.

​Someone sips a drink at Hà in Montreal. Right: A plate from Caffe Un Po' Di Piu.

Someone sips a drink at Hà in Montreal. Right: A plate from Caffe Un Po' Di Piu.

In a city known for its culinary gems, Old Montreal shines brightest, with restaurants that set the bar for dining out. Full of tourist draw and top-rated eateries, every new restaurant here starts with a reputation to earn and a tough crowd to impress.

The stakes are high and the menu vast, spanning everything from Italian delicacies to Thai delights, and Chinese classics to avant-garde dishes that defy neat labels.

We’ve pored over Google reviews and eaten our weight in surf, turf, and pasta to bring you this ultimate list. You’ll find a mix of inexpensive spots and those worth a special occasion, date night, and more.

Think we missed something? Drop your recommendations in the comments below.


Where: 406, rue Saint-Jacques

Why You Need To Go: Lavish, luxurious, lush — whatever fancy adjective you want to use for this French brasserie, it’ll apply. Across its three distinct rooms of long bars and banquettes, you can grab drinks and quicker meals or a long, drawn-out dinner, opting for the tasting menu that offers all kinds of choices. Tartares, fish and seafood bouillabaisse, duck confit, ratatouille, Niçoise salad, and more are available alongside newer, more creative dishes.

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Caffe Un Po' Di Piu

Where: 3, rue de la Commune Est

Why You Need To Go: This Italian bar and restaurant from the team behind Foxy and Olive + Gourmando stands out thanks to its menu of Italian dishes that satisfy those craving classics and those looking to have old formulas shaken up. The pasta is amazing, the charcuterie and focaccia are addictive, and they’re making some of the best tiramisu in town. Lunch or dinner, you can’t go wrong here.

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Le Club Chasse et Pêche

Where: 423, rue Saint-Claude

Why You Need To Go: An OG of Montreal’s fine dining scene, the Club is where you want to go when you want a taste of the best the city has to offer. Fresh menus made up of seasonal dishes using local and provincial ingredients are the name of the game here, like wagyu with aligot potatoes, and mainstay dishes on the menu like seared scallops with lemon confit.

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Place Carmin

Where: 740, rue William

Why You Need To Go: French bistro eats are the name of the game at this bright and comfy spot on the western fringes of Old Montreal, making things like foie gras terrine, arctic char with grenobloise sauce, and a must-try dish of sweetbreads in crust. It’s got a fresh and smooth look to the place too thanks to work by the design firm Clairoux, with features like woods and leathers, shades of whites, and curvaceous furniture.

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Where: 600, rue William

Why You Need To Go: Carving out a spot in Old Montreal for both Thai food and nightlife, HÀ doubles down as both a great restaurant and bar thanks to its speakeasy-style bar Nhậu on the lower second level that’s covered in Chinese lanterns. Bao buns and pad thai are among the go-to dishes here, but you can’t go wrong with anything they serve.



Where: 244, rue Saint-Jacques

Why You Need To Go: When this restaurant arrived, it single-handedly upped the brunch game in the area. Ricotta pancakes, buttermilk fried chicken, you name it — it’s all exceptional at this swanky spot, and it’s perfect for grabbing some cheeky espresso martinis and negronis in the middle of the day. Bring some friends, try a bunch of stuff, and decide what you think is best!

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​Olive + Gourmando

Where: 351, rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Why You Need To Go: With sandwiches, salads, and baked food, this is a deceptively simple spot, but it’s a testament to just how good food can be when it’s done thoughtfully. Everything here is capital-d Delicious. O+G has been featured in travel guides, Netflix shows, and YouTube influencers’ videos time and time again, and you’re bound to fall in love with it too if you haven’t been. If you have, then you know why it’s got such a strong rep in Montreal.

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Where: 368, rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Why You Need To Go: Why let Sushi Momo in the Plateau have all the menu? Chef Christian Ventura showed mercy on Old Montreal by bringing his mastery of vegan sushi to the old quarter, serving all kinds of classics you can find uptown as well as some unique creations that you can’t find anywhere else. Fried rolls, "salmon" sashimi made from konjac, pizza sushi, and all kinds of previously unexplored dishes come to the fore here.

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Where: 626, rue Marguerite-D'Youville

Why You Need To Go: A slick fine dining destination with high ceilings and high ambitions, Jellyfish does a little bit of everything, and it does it all well. Fresh pastas? Check. Grilled cuts of meat? Yup. Heaped plates of shucked oysters. Definitely. Not only will it wow you with whatever dish you want, you can consider exploring the al taglio pizzas they’re making at their next door operation Pubjelly, too.

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Where: 312, rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Why You Need To Go: If you think places like Fugazzi and Foiegwa are amazing, you need to go back to where it all began with this OG restaurant serving up all kinds of European countries’ hallmark dishes like pasta covered in truffle shavings, paella, arctic char with vierge sauce, and devilled eggs with trout roe. Just make sure to drink well while you’re here — the wine and spirit lists are more than extensive.

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​Pub Wolf & Workman

Where: 139, rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Why You Need To Go: No matter the time of day, this pub knocks brunch, lunch, and dinner out of the park. It’s a versatile spot too, as you can drop in for snacks and pints just as much as you can knock back bottomless mimosas with eggs Benedict or take wine with steak-frites. Best of all, it’s super spacious, so bring as many friends as you like either to their dining room or chic terrasse in the summer.

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​Lattuca Barbecue

Where: 15, rue de la Commune Ouest

Why You Need To Go: Good ol’ fashioned American barbecue is hard to come by in Montreal, and it’s even harder to find when you want to get a good plate with all of the fixings. You’ll get it here, though, as John Lattuca serves a world championship-winning recipes for brisket, as well as pulled pork and spare ribs cooked on a wood-burning fire for as long as 14 hours.

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​Jiao Dim Sum Bar

Where: 399, rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Why You Need To Go: Chinatown may not be far off from Old Montreal, but everything you love about dim sum gets spun in new and interesting forms at this bar cranking out specialty cocktails. You’ll get the usual har gow, pork siu mai and plates of General Tao chicken, but there’s also rice noodles stuffed with brisket and lobster dumplings. If you feel like celebrating, try the $100 dumpling that comes with Louis XIII cognac.

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​Le Garde-Manger

Where: 408, rue Saint-François Xavier

Why You Need To Go: Chuck Hughes is a local treasure, full stop, and he’s been the source of many of the city’s most skilled cooks and chefs. This restaurant and its focus on surf, turf, and seasonal vegetables is where it all began, and it’s just as delicious as the day it first started. If you do book a spot, splurge on the chef’s menu to take a total tour of everything they have to offer.

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​Stash Café

Where: 200, rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Why You Need To Go: Eastern European cuisines tend to fall by the wayside in Montreal, but the rich and comforting Polish food at this restaurant shows that you shouldn’t sleep on it. Grab a cold shot of vodka and dig into perogis, hunter’s stew, soups, and more. Ask if their in-house piano player is going to play during your dinner — he’s one of the best in town.

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Where: 719, rue William

Why You Need To Go: This place is regularly (and rightfully) recommended when it comes to Montreal brunch that covers all the sweet and savoury bases, but its dinner is amazing as well, cooking up some slight variations on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Think shawarma and chicken skewers with tzatziki as well as fresh endive salad and beef tartare with ras el hanout and zaatar.

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Where: 782, rue Wellington

Why You Need To Go: Walk through the condos and offices of Cité-du-Multimédia and you might miss this restaurant offering up a huge variety of wines and tidy dishes that are perfect for when you want to eat light and/or well. Menus for both day and night are varied and change often, so it’s hard to pin down recommended dishes, but rest assured that the kitchen never adds something without carefully vetting it first. Try their 2 for $22 menu.

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​Le Serpent

Where: 257, rue Prince

Why You Need To Go: Located inside the Darling Foundry, this Italian fine dining spot stands out thanks to its one-two punch of amazing food and service in a timelessly designed dining room. The food here is at its best when you dine on its pasta, risottos, fish, seafood, and meat, but whatever you opt for, you absolutely need to try their desserts made by pastry chef Masami Waki.

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​Chez Delmo

Where: 275, rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Why You Need To Go: A best-kept secret of the neighbourhood, this restaurant specializing in surf and turf has been around for decades for a reason. Imagine anything you want, from soups and salads and mains, but infused with all kinds of fish and shellfish. They’ve also got great cuts of steak to enjoy if you want the best of both worlds, but no matter what you choose, you need to try their tomato soup (the recipe dates back to 1938!).

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​Cartier Arms

Where: 611, rue Notre-Dame Est

Why You Need To Go: This in-house restaurant for the Hyatt Centric hotel excels at combining British and Quebec cuisines into its menu, and delivering bartender mastery thanks to its connections to the Burgundy Lion Group. With its secluded spot, it’s great for a night out or a decadent brunch. If you go later in the day, you’re going to love when the light show on the ceiling kicks in.

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Where: 298, pl. d'Youville

Why You Need To Go: Among all of the great steakhouses this city has produced, Gibbys is an undeniable champion among them. For half a century, they’ve been making some amazing plates of steak, oysters Rockefeller, onion soup, crab cakes, and more. Just be sure that when ou do go here, you go all out; eating lightly isn’t an option if you want to get the full experience.

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