Montreal Is Getting A Special New Costco With WILD Items You Can't Find At Other Costcos

It's the second location in Quebec, following the first one in Saint-Hubert.
Montreal Is Getting A Special New Costco With WILD Items You Can't Find At Other Costcos

Costco has announced that a new store will replace the current Costco Wholesale centre in Anjou on Rue Bombardier — but it won't be any old Costco. Rather, it's a special Costco Business Centre with items you can't find at regular Costcos

This will be the second Costco Business Centre location in Quebec and the first on the Island of Montreal.

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Fall 2021 / Winter 2022 Costco Business Centre opens in Anjou

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

The first Quebec Costco Business Centre is a 132,000-square-foot warehouse that opened in Saint-Hubert in September, ushering in foot traffic from business owners and regular Costco members looking to buy enterprise-focused supplies in bulk.

Marc-André Bally, vice-president of Costco's Business Centres in Canada, told Narcity Quebec that the Saint-Hubert and Anjou branches will look "very similar."  

As for the existing Costco Wholesale centre at the same location in Anjou, the company plans to move it slightly further away and reopen sometime next summer.

"With the customer traffic at the Anjou warehouse, the move was necessary, since it was getting a bit tight," Bally laughed. 

Bally said three more Costco centres are expected to open elsewhere in Canada — one in Ottawa, Ontario, scheduled for February, one in St. Catharines, Ontario and another in Edmonton, Alberta both scheduled for March. 

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Asked whether the company plans to open more Costco Business Centre locations in Quebec, Bally said "all the cards are on the table."

"We just opened Saint-Hubert, Anjou in less than a year, three others elsewhere in Canada [...] We will digest that and analyze the situation," he said, adding that the opening of a new location "usually takes years to complete."

Costco Business Centres cater to local businesses and Quebec restaurants as their main clientele, such as Aubut and Mayrand.

However, the centres remain open to the public and non-business owners, so all Montrealers can enjoy buying big in Anjou when the new store opens in fall 2021 or winter 2022.

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