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Everything We Know About Montreal's New Royalmount Mega-Mall

It'll even have an aquarium.😲

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Rendering of Montreal's Royalmount Mall. Right: Rendering of Royalmount's outdoor area near the metro station.

Rendering of Montreal's Royalmount Mall and outdoor area near the metro entrance.

If you've been in the 514 for some time, and you're not living under a rock, surely you've heard of the Royalmount project. First announced in 2015, the massive — and controversial — development on a former industrial site is set to include a new mall, entertainment venues, residences and offices.

It's been so long that it seems like the Royalmount is playing hard to get. But in early November, project developer Carbonleo announced the first stores to lease space in the mega mall. But when exactly will you be able to go on a shopping spree there? And what else will the area include? Here's everything you need to know about the Royalmount project.

Where will the Royalmount be located?

The Royalmount will occupy the southeast corner of the Metropolitan and Decarie highway interchange in the Town of Mount Royal, a spot developers like to say represents "the heart of the island."

The location choice was immediately controversial, most notably for the negative impact it could have on local traffic. Montreal is even calling for an extension of the orange metro line to Bois-Franc to better serve the area and reduce road congestion.

According to an explanatory video posted to the Royalmount project website, the site was largely agricultural in the 19th century before succumbing to industrial expansion in the 20th century. The area's industrial uses continue to this day.

"The site is now set to become a green community, honouring its legacy," the video promises.

How's construction going at Royalmount?

In a November 2 announcement, developers said the retail and lifestyle complex is on track to begin opening in spring 2024.

The largest private development in Quebec, the site occupies an area that's over 1,500,000 square feet, equal in size to the Montreal Olympic Park Esplanade.

Over 500 engineers, architects, and other construction professionals are actively working on the project.

What features will the Royalmount have?

At an estimated total cost of $7 billion, the Royalmount will have condos, offices, a hotel, over 60 restaurants, a huge shopping mall, and open spaces, including a three-kilometre linear park called Le Champ libre.

Attractions and entertainment venues are set to include a water park, an aquarium, spa and fitness services, a concert hall, and what the project website vaguely calls a "gaming destination."

The so-called "carbon-neutral eco-community" will have 450,000 trees and plants, cycling paths and a footbridge providing access to the De La Savane metro station on the orange line.

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, furniture company RH, and Maje have already signed on as retail lessees. Each will open what will either be their first-ever or first stand-alone stores in Quebec. Tiffany & Co. will join them with its biggest location in Montreal.

Can you live at Royalmount?

The Royalmount was set to have 3,250 livable units.

Town of Mount Royal Mayor Peter Malouf, however, is "firmly opposed" to the construction of condos in what he considers to be an industrial zone.

In a 2021 statement, Malouf raised concerns about potential health risks for Royalmount residents close to highways and industrial areas, as well as the rapid population growth the development could engender. The mayor suggested that growth (as much as 24% of TMR's current population, according to Malouf) could strain municipal services and infrastructure.

    Charlotte Hoareau
    Staff Writer
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