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6 Of Montreal's Most Specific Specialty Snack Stores & Where To Find Them

You can get treats of all kinds, even rapper-themed chips!

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Products for sale at French grocery store L'Héxagone. Right: A lychee beverage from Ô Dépanneur.

Products for sale at French grocery store L'Héxagone. Right: A lychee beverage from Ô Dépanneur.

Courtesy of L'Héxagone, @o_depanneur | Instagram

With the addition of Montreal's first T&T, fans of specialty grocery stores have plenty to look forward to. It's not like the city has had any shortage of limited-edition, imported and downright fascinating food products, whether at local groceries or dedicated dépanneurs. Here are six of Montreal's most specially-stocked stores, not in any particular order.


Where: 819, avenue du Mont-Royal E.

Why You Should Go: L'Héxagone is a French-focused grocery store that features exclusive products from across that European nation we love to snub, including a range of snacks and drinks alongside grocery items Frenchies among us might miss.

Ô Dépanneur

Where: 6005, boul. Gouin O. or 1500, ave. Atwater

Why You Should Go: This self-described "most lit dep" in Montreal sells imported snacks from around the world, from key lime pie KitKats to Hi-Chew and s'mores Oreos. Their selection is almost as impressive as their TikTok presence!

Munch!z Exotique

​Where: 3274, boul. Saint-Martin O., Laval

Why You Should Go: For those craving far-flung foods from outside of the city proper, Munch!z Exotique is your Laval-based dream come true. The dep has just as broad a selection of snacks as any other importer, but that location factor can't be beaten.

Aisle 24

Where: 650, rue Wellington or 1705, rue William

Why You Should Go: If you love a good late-night snack and you hate interacting with other human beings, Aisle 24 might be your next favourite spot. It's a 24-hour convenience store without cashiers, where you can top up on necessities and traditional Canadian snacks at any time of the night and check yourself out in peace.

Beau Dégât

Where: 1239, rue Charlevoix

Why You Should Go: Aisle 24 might not stock alcohol, but Beau Dégât has you covered. This boozy dep features over 700 varieties of local Quebec beer, as well as cider, cold brew, kombucha and wine. It also sells products from plenty of local restaurants and stores, like Jamaican patties from Lloydie's.


Where: 6082, rue Laurendeau or 3975, rue Sainte-Catherine E.

Why You Should Go: Besides the infamous chips emblazoned with various rappers, SnackTown's locations carry a wide variety of goodies from within and outside of Canada, including foreign Fanta flavours and fruity Oreos (for real).

    Willa Holt
    Staff Writer
    Willa Holt is a Staff Writer for MTL Blog focused on apartments for rent and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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