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The only thing we love more than a good ranking is a good burger and turns out there's one Quebec restaurant that makes a real good one. Chez Victor's Veganator was recently voted as one of the best burgers in the world and it's totally vegan.

Big Seven Travel just dropped its 2022 list of 50 Best Burgers In The World and Chez Victor came in at the 40th spot.

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When it comes to a meal, there's always room for dessert. Luckily Montreal cafés and bakeries are full of sugary treats that'll satisfy your sweet tooth after any meal — heck, skip dinner altogether and get right to the good stuff.
With a city like Montreal serving up some of life's sweetest moments, there's no shortage of decadent spots for when those cravings for a good dessert kick in.
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'50s trends are coming back for the summer of 2020. As Quebec restaurants, event organizers, and cities try to figure out how to reopen while following public health rules, they're looking back in time for ideas to move forward. The latest example: "new" car window food service at the Buffet Royal in Quebec City.

The drive-up service is actually more of a reintroduction. Until the '80s, the restaurant staff brought food directly to drivers waiting in their cars.

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