You Simply Did Not Give A Sh*t About These 9 MTL Blog Stories In 2022

"HoW muCH dID tHEy pAy yOu To PoSt ThiS?"

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Person sitting at a desk on the computer with a very confused and angry expression.

Person sitting at a desk on the computer with a very confused and angry expression.


MTL Blog strives to provide its readers with exciting and riveting content about the who, what, when and where of Montreal's must-try everything — but sometimes our audience doesn't even bother to read our stuff. Seriously... what gives?

Now, while some might think stories about Élisabeth Rioux, city rankings and articles that scream "slow news day" are embarrassing, the joke's on you... because they give us views for days. For days.

"Who's she?" one commenter posts below a Héléne Boudreau post. You know exactly who she is.

However, there are definitely articles that underperform, so you can definitely have your laughs, don't worry.

Whether it's hard-hitting coverage on Quebec's television claim to fame Occupation Double, or a Health Canada piece on the most random food item that's being recalled for the most random reason from some random store in Quebec, you can always count on us for the news we know Montrealers not only need, but deserve.

However, sometimes you really don't f*cking care, eh? Like...for real. And these nine articles are legit proof of just that:

Quebec Language Politics

While we thought MTL Blog readers would love to know where each Quebec political party stands on Quebec's language laws, we thought wrong.

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World Population Surpasses 8 Billion

MTL Blog: "This one will definitely do well!"

Narrator: "It didn't do well."

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Most Google Searched By Quebecers In 2022

MTL Blog: "Here! The most Google searched things by Quebecers in 2022!"

MTL Blog Readers: "Who cares!"

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Where To Watch The NHL Draft

I mean, sports...right? No real shocker there.

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Things To Do This Random Weekend In February

Did Montreal just not have any f*cks to give during this random weekend in February?

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Avril Lavigne Going On Tour

So, lemme get this straight. Canadian icon Avril Lavigne comes to Montreal and you all just...don't care? Okay...

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Least Used Metro Stations In 2021

HA! You know we're still gonna release one for 2022 though, eh?

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Occupation Double Martinique Controversy

Apparently the drama on OD Martinique was enough to get me (a first-time watcher) to tune in, yet it wasn't enough for y'all to read about it? Wow, just wow.

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Veggie Nugget Recall

"Honey, you've barely touched your plate of recalled veggie nuggets. Everything okay?"

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Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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