Hélène Boudreau Says She Would 'Be Down' To Do Sex Work While Pregnant

"I think it's so beautiful."

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Helene Boudreau discussing having kids and working in the sex work industry on her Instagram Stories.

Helene Boudreau discussing having kids and working in the sex work industry on her Instagram Stories.

Hélène Boudreau took to her Instagram Stories on May 22, 2023, to air her thoughts about pregnancy in the sex work industry and how her view regarding pregnancy has changed since she began her career. The OnlyFans mogul has opened up in the past about wanting kids, and while Boudreau still stands firm on not wanting children anytime soon, she wouldn't be against performing while expecting.

"I didn't want to have kids but at 31 years old I think I want maybe," Boudreau wrote on IG. She went on to clarify that she doesn't plan on having kids this year, or next year for that matter, but it is definitely something she has been thinking about "more and more."

A message from Helene Boudreau on her Instagram Stories discussing wanting kids and doing porn while pregnant. @iamhely | Instagram

Despite the growing occupation with pregnancy, Boudreau says the thought terrifies her. "It's so scary…at the same time, I've done so many things in my life [that were] scarier than that. Ask me to jump from a bridge and I will do it but having a baby… it's like WAIT A MINUTE."

Boudreau recently moved into a new Montreal condo and has been going steady with boyfriend Jessy Jones for nearly a year. However, kids are off the table for now. Although Boudreau won't be growing her family for a while, she said she's grown personally over the last four years, especially when it comes to her perception of sex work/workers.

The 31-year-old shared that she used to be very judgemental, and remembers passing judgement on women who would perform while pregnant. "I was like, 'Come on, they have no respect for their baby'," Boudreau said. "In four years I changed my perception so much, I find it so sexy a pregnant woman." Turns out, if Boudreau were expecting, she would be "down" to perform while pregnant.

"If I was pregnant one day, maybe or maybe not, I'd be okay with it, to do it [perform] pregnant, I find it so beautiful. I've completely changed my mentality," Boudreau said.

Although the revelation brought a smile to Boudreau's face, she couldn't help but laugh over what her boyfriend Jessy would think of her doing porn while pregnant, saying he might be surprised when he watches her Stories.

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