The 9 Best Croissants In Montreal, According To People From France

You butter believe it! 🥐

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Someone places rolled croissant dough on a baking tray. Right: A small croissant next to one four times as big.

Someone places rolled croissant dough on a baking tray. Right: A small and a huge croissant.

When it comes to pastries in Montreal, one French delicacy reigns supreme: the croissant. But with so many bakeries and cafés to choose from, it's hard to know where to find the flakiest, most buttery options.

Maudits Français, the expat team that found the best baguettes in the city, has scoured Montreal for the croissants that will transport you straight to the streets of Paris.

They've narrowed down the top nine Montreal bakeries that make the most authentic offering, with plans to host a taste test in May to crown the ultimate winner. Here are the finalists:

L’Amour du pain

Where: Multiple locations
  • 323, rue de la Montagne (Griffintown);
  • 3050, boul. Matte (Brossard); 369, place d’Youville (Old Montreal);
  • 393, Samuel-de-Champlain (Boucherville)

Reason To Try: The croissants from this chain are renowned for their exceptional taste and texture. The bakery imports pure butter from Belgium and hand rolls each pastry to give it that impeccable puff.

L’Amour du pain's website

Les Co’Pains d’abord

Where: Multiple locations
  • 1965, rue Mont-Royal E. (De Lorimier);
  • 2727, rue Masson (Rosemont);
  • 418, rue Rachel E. (Plateau)

Reason To Try: This bakery uses traditional French techniques to make its croissants, which involves a multi-step process of layering butter and dough to create the flakiest, most buttery texture that is light and airy on the inside.

Les Co’Pains d’abord's website

De Froment et de Sève

Where: 2355, rue Beaubien E.

Reason To Try: More than 2,000 croissants are handmade at this bakery every day with an emphasis on high quality butter to get the taste just right. The spot has been using the same recipe since 1995!

De Froment et de Sève's website

Ô Petit Paris

Where: 1592, ave Mont-Royal E.

Reason To Try: This Plateau bakery has perfected the delicate art of laminating dough to create multiple layers that are distinctively airy and crisp. The final result is croissants that are both crispy and fluffy at the same time.

Ô Petit Paris' Facebook

Fous Desserts

Where: 809, ave Laurier E.

Reason To Try: Croissants are this bakery's bread and butter -- already earning them "Best croissant in Montreal" recognition. Their recipe uses regular flour, which they say makes the taste of butter more pronounced.

Fous Desserts' website

Le Toledo

Where: Multiple locations
4448, rue Wellington (Verdun);
351, ave Mont-Royal E. (Plateau)

Reason To Try: This bakery offers perfectly crescent-shaped treats both fresh and frozen, so you can eat one right away and then bake more on your own at home — one of the best ways to make you living space smell scrumptious.

Toledo's website

Mamie Clafoutis

Where: 3660, rue Saint-Denis

Reason To Try: This Plateau staple serves freshly baked artisanal pastries, including croissants made from puff pastry, dough and a generous proportion of butter. There's a tea room on the second floor with seating and free Wi-Fi so you can enjoy the warm, crispy treat during a study or remote work sesh.

Mamie Clafoutis' website

Aux merveilleux de Fred

Fleshly baked croissants.

Fleshly baked croissants.

Les Merveilleux de Fred

Where: 4200, rue Saint Denis

Reason To Try: This exquisite bakery in the Plateau, illuminated by glass chandelier, makes its croissants from scratch using traditional techniques to get an "authentic French taste." The selection of treats in the window will have to wanting to sample a few of their offerings.

Aux merveilleux de Fred's website

3 Patapoufs

Where: 3227, rue Ontario E.

Reason To Try: The aroma of fresh croissants will greet you at the door of this Hochelaga bakery encouraging you to indulge. When you do, the layers of crispy, golden-brown pastry will not disappoint.

3 patapoufs' website

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MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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