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montreal tacos

The summer may be drawing to a close, but there are still some delicious food and cultural events taking place in the city before the fall sets in, including Montreal's beloved Taco Fest.

Taco Fest is returning to the Montreal Old Port this summer — one of the many food and cultural events gracing the sprawling waterside attraction this year. The festival website describes the three-day event as a celebration of "all things Mexican alongside Montreal's most celebrated chefs."

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In an Instagram post on Monday, Montreal's Tacos Victor shared photos of a delivery truck it says was vandalized in Mascouche Sunday night.

The restaurant is offering free tacos for life to anyone who can identify the culprit.

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Jean-Talon Market's Mazorca MTL offers Latin-fusion cuisine to Montrealers and the pop-up restaurant's atmosphere is as colourful and festive as the food, complete with a live DJ and live music each week.

The Montreal taco spot has a menu packed with ceviche, creative cocktails and tacos to suit every palate — from pineapple chicken to pork with whisky and black pepper, and always a vegetarian option.

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If you've never heard of birria tacos, you're going to want to change that — they're possibly the hottest taco trend of the year, and you can find them in Montreal right now.

So, what are birria tacos?

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Last Wednesday, as many of you know, was the quintessential stoner celebration known as 4/20. While I find the festivities surrounding the "holiday" to be fairly lewd, (if you were at the mountain, you know what I'm talking about), I can't ignore an excuse to do something celebratory/a bit out of the ordinary.

For me, on a day like 4/20, all I really want to do to celebrate is eat some incredibly delicious food. Munchies and all that, you know, and since my need to feed would be an ode to the high gods of 4/20, the meal had to something mildly indulgent. One that marijuana-enthusiasts have enjoyed for years.

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