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park restaurant

Montreal's dining scene has been getting some well-deserved attention on Netflix Canada lately, thanks to a handful of its top Montreal restaurants making memorable appearances in popular movies and TV series.

From cozy neighbourhood cafés to chic urban eateries, these local gems have been sharing the screen with A-list actors and captivating storylines. So, if you're a foodie looking for some binge-watching inspiration or a cinephile eager to explore Montreal's culinary delights, Netflix In Your Neighbourhood rounded up a list of five Montreal restaurants that have appeared on the small screen.

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A lot of people wonder how a standard middle class life in Montreal is different from the life of those who can afford five star vacations and exotic cars. I can assure you, it is quite different. Having said that, I'd like to invite you on a little adventure into a day of a typical Montreal high class representative, a Westmount housewife. They do get to enjoy the finer things in life.

I interviewed a woman who married a very influential lawyer in Montreal (who preferred to stay anonymous, unfortunately) and here's what her regular Saturday looks like.

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Photo cred - Chef Antonio Park

What's better than eating the best sushi and sashimi in the city? Nothing, save eating said sushi+sashimi in the sun on a beautiful terrasse. Acclaimed Japanese resto Park by Chef Antonio Park now lets you live that dream, with their recently opened outdoor terrasse.

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Photo cred - Park

Hockey superstar and Montreal-hero P.K. Subban has your back on and off the ice. Not only is he ensuring the Montreal Canadiens rock the playoffs, he also wants you to know the best places to do anything and everything in Montreal.

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