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pocha mtl

Montreal's own POCHA MTL Korean street food and culture festival is back this summer with 15 booths serving Korean food, 20 exhibitors and more than 10 cultural activities to enjoy. For those of us with furry friends, specifically adorable dogs, your pet is welcome to attend POCHA with you!

The festival is taking place at Les Quais au Bassin Peel, a venue that will also welcome a Vietnamese cultural festival (Chợ Đêm MTL) and Montreal's YATAI Japan Week event series over the course of the summer.

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POCHA MTL — short for Pojang Macha, a term for street food stalls common in Korea's big cities — has finally announced its lineup of food vendors, and it's looking very promising already.

The festival, which drew crowds of thousands in its first year, is returning with enough snacks and drinks to keep you busy for all three days. K-BROS is bringing Dakkochi, Korean chicken skewers, and RAKU will serve Korean BBQ-style pork belly. Two chefs straight from South Korea will be crafting Korean fusion tacos alongside a vegan dish called Sanchae Bibimbap.

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Smells of Korean BBQ and sounds of K-pop will waft through the streets of Griffintown this August when POCHA MTL makes its grand return. The Montreal Korean street food market and culture festival will bring local businesses and performers together at the neighbourhood's MR-63 lot at the corner of rues Peel and Ottawa.

Organizers promise Korean fried chicken, pancakes and kogos (corn dogs with fried potato bits). In addition to a selection of dishes from Montreal restaurants, the event will feature the Sanchae Bibimbap and Korean tacos from two chefs visiting from South Korea.

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True Montrealers know the city is home to two Chinatowns: the official, traditional Chinatown around rue de la Gauchetière and the unofficial, more contemporary Chinatown in Shaughnessy Village. Now, after seeing the success of the annual Asian night market in Montreal's original Chinatown, Shaughnessy Village is finally getting one of its own: Shoni Market.

From September 10 to 12, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest will close off between rue Lambert Closse and rue de Bleury as pedestrians sample delicious Asian street fare from around 30 different kiosks.

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