3 Canadian Cities Ranked Among The Best In The World For Students

Montreal dominated the list.

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McGill University, Right: UBC Robson street in downtown Vancouver.

McGill University, Right: UBC Robson street in downtown Vancouver.

A recent ranking of the best cities in the world for studying abroad highlighted three Canadian cities in the top 20 — with Montreal proudly sitting in the number one spot.

Helpful Professor, an online higher education resource for students across the globe, conducted a study into the best cities in the world to study in. The report measured seven factors, all scored out of 10 points — quantity and quality of universities, international student population, local cost of living, safety, friendliness, and freedom — to determine its list.

Montreal managed to secure the top spot with an overall score of 62 out of a possible 100. Montreal scored high in friendliness (9), freedom (9), safety (7) and average number of international students (7).

"Montreal provides an enriching experience, exposing students to the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of the city," Helpful Professor wrote.

The study highlighted Montreal's top three universities: Université de Montreal, Concordia University and, of course, McGill University, which some sources recognize as a top five university in all of Canada.

Trailing behind Montreal by a mere one point are both Tokyo and Vancouver. The West Coast City scored big in average number of international students (9), freedom (9), and average university score (7).

As for Toronto, the city landed 20th. Toronto scored high in freedom (9), average number of international students (8), and safety (6). As for friendliness, the 6ix scored a big fat zero.

Wondering which other cities made the cut? Here's the complete ranking:

1. Montreal, Canada (62)
2. Tokyo, Japan (61)
2. Vancouver, Canada (61)
4. Glasgow, United Kingdon (59)
5. Melbourne, Australia (55)
6. Liverpool, United Kindon (54)
6. Copenhagen, Denmark (54)
6. Manchester, United Kingdom (54)
6. Munich, Germany (54)
6. Sydney, Australia (54)
11. Dublin, Ireland (52)
11. Brisbane, Australia (52)
11. London, United Kingdom (52)
14. Seoul, Korea (51)
14. Aachen, Germany (51)
16. Canberra, Australia (49)
16. Delft, Netherlands (49)
16. Cambridge, United Kingdom (49)
16. Paris, France (49)
20. Vienna, Austria (48)
20. Groningen, Netherlands (48)
20. Maastricht, Netherlands (48)
20. Lund, Sweden (48)
20. Toronto, Canada (48)

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