7 Must-Try Montreal Valentine's Day Treats That Aren't Just Chocolate Hearts

Churros and cupcakes and donuts, oh my! 🧁

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​Valentine's Day sugar cookies. Right: Chocolate raspberry cupcakes.

Valentine's Day sugar cookies. Right: Chocolate raspberry cupcakes.

Montreal cafés and bakeries are starting to serve special Valentine's Day treats for you to get your sweetie with a sweet tooth. Instead of the usual mass-produced chocolates, these goodies offer a personal touch, so you can show your partner or pal(s) how much they mean to you. Of course, you could also just spoil yourself for the Hallmark holiday.

Here are some love-themed desserts to get the special someone in your life (even if that's you):

Rose Bomboloni

Where: 26, rue Gounod

Reason to Try: It's hard not to see these sweet iced Italian pastries through rose-coloured glasses. The dough is airy with a hint of citrus and the filling is light and creamy. Plus, every day is Valentine's Day at this Villeray café near Jarry Park with its flower ceiling and Instagrammable hanging swing, so it will charm you during your visit.


Sophie Sucrée Cakes

Where: 3770, boul Saint-Laurent

Reason to Try: This Plateau patisserie is a pilgrimage site for Montreal vegans, and rightly so given the range and detectability of its decadent cakes. For Valentine's, you can take your pick of heart-adorned red velvet "cheesecake" slices, chocolate raspberry cupcakes and pink berry truffles.


Léché Desserts Churros

Where: 640, rue de Courcelle

Reason to Try: This St-Henri sweet shop serves donuts galore, switching up their flavours monthly. For February, they're also serving heart-shaped churros and boxes of sugar cookies iced with custom love messages.


Juliette & Chocolat Confections

Where: 1615, rue Saint-Denis

Reason to Try: Instead of standard chocolate hearts, this Montreal chocolate staple serves adorable bears (in milk or dark chocolate) holding colourful hearts, bear-shaped chocolate cake pops and a smashable chocolate bar that comes with its own hammer. You can also try hot chocolate bombs in unexpected flavours, like red velvet and Speculoo's.


Olove Cakes

Where: Time Out Market, 705, rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Reason to Try: From Feb. 10 to 14, this online shop will have an in-person pop-up in the Eaton Centre food hall. You can get personalized handmade olive oil cakes from their special Valentine's Collection. Olove will also be selling preserved floral bouquets and handmade olive oil.


La Beignerie Donuts

Where: 3979, rue Saint-Denis

Reason to Try: This Plateau bakery serves V-Day boxes filled with vegan-friendly donuts, including blueberry fritters, strawberry confetti hearts, choco-cinema confections, chocolate cream donuts, raspberry-lemon glaze, and confetti hibiscus kisses. You can reserve a February special box online.


Candy Labs Rock

Where: 6030, Bd Monk

Reason to Try: This handmade hard candy hub makes tons of rock with creative centres. You don't have to get heart-shaped sweets, you can also opt for sushi candy or doggy designs — whatever represents love in your life.


Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Sofia Misenheimer is an award-winning writer, editor and former radio journalist with a passion for finding hidden gems in the city.
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