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downtown restaurants

Montreal's restaurant scene just got a whole lot swankier with the newest eat-and-drink addition on the block: Hiatus and RoseOrange. Located at Place Ville Marie, Hiatus is a resto-bar combo offering up breathtakingly panoramic views of Montreal's skyline, a sight that can be best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand.

Hiatus, which officially opened its doors on August 1, 2023, occupies two top floors of Place Ville Marie. On the 45th floor, guests will be able to find a café-bar that will remain open all day so you can enjoy a morning coffee, an afternoon bite, or an after-work 5 à 7. As the evening eases in, the café bar area of Hiatus will offer a selection of wines by the glass and cocktails, as well as small bites, all in a cozy, upscale setting.

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Liuyishou Hot Pot is one of the latest joints to join the roster of delicious must-try Montreal restaurants. Located in the heart of downtown, this hot pot spot definitely didn't disappoint — not that I thought it would! Liuyishou officially opened its doors this past weekend in celebration of its grand opening, and a grand opening it was.

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The Montreal restaurant scene is expanding with an all-new hot pot spot in downtown Montreal. With the city being home to many delicious Chinese restaurants, Montrealers can now enjoy an all-you-can-eat hot pot experience at Liuyishou Montréal.

Liuyishou Hotpot is one of the most popular all-you-can-eat hot pot restaurants in all of North America, serving up delish Sichuan-style hotpot and they'll officially be opening their doors on rue Crescent come April 16.

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Friends, I'm not going to beat around the bush with this: falafels. Are. Life.

via @falafelavenue

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If there are two things that unite Montrealers (physically and figuratively, respectively), it's the metro network and our collective love of food.

Taking a trip on the metro, you can travel to a new part of the city where there are tons of new food options await you. 

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Ah, California. Home of sunshine, beaches, good vibes, and The OC.

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