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fried chicken in montreal

If there's one thing Montreal could always use a little bit more of…it's Korean fried chicken. Luckily, a renowned Korean fried chicken chain in South Korea, Chicken Plus + is expanding across Quebec after finding huge success in the Canadian market with eight locations across Ontario.

Chicken Plus + first opened in Seoul back in 2016 and the Korean fried chicken restaurant now has over 500 restaurants, including spots in both Vietnam and Malaysia.

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When you look around the city and observe what’s been happening in the food scene in the last few years, one thing that stands out is a huge boom of fried chicken in Montreal. Sure, Montreal is known for its rotisserie chicken, and our chicken wing game is strong, too. There were classic Montreal fried chicken spots before now, but lately, they're proliferating: we've got new restaurants opening up everywhere from Laval to the West Island and places in between.

Among all of those Montreal restaurants, however, it’s not just about eating pieces upon pieces of the best fried chicken. It’s about all the ways it can be prepared and twisted into all kinds of delicious and inventive dishes as well, from poutine and tacos to sandwiches and brunch.

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Fried chicken is great, but there's only one thing better than a classic chicken sandwich…a free chicken sandwich. In celebration of Olivia's Authentic Chicken opening a brand new location in Montreal, you can get your hands on a free all-dressed chicken sandwich this weekend.

Olivia's Authentic Chicken opened up a new spot on May 2 on 1029 rue du Marché Central and will be giving away free all-dressed chicken sandwiches to the first 250 customers on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

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There's something magical about that first bite of perfectly fried chicken — the crunch, the tenderness, the flavour — when done right, it’s an unforgettable moment.

If that sentiment rings true to you, you'll love what Olivia's Authentic Chicken is serving up.

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There's certainly no shortage of Montreal restaurants, but the city could definitely use more mac n' cheese nuggets. Freakin' Fried Chicken, located in Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough, is a must-try for anyone looking to satisfy a comfort food craving.

While their menu offers up a variety of mouth-watering fast foods, Freakin's mac n' cheese nuggets are definitely top contenders.

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