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indian food montreal

A Montreal Indian restaurant is now offering a lunchtime thali tray and it's completely vegan. Tula, which translates to "balance" in Sanskrit, first opened its doors back in February and claims to be one of the only plant-based Indian restaurants in the city, with healthy, filling and affordable options.

Located on rue Saint-Laurent in Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, Tula's menu includes everything from vegan butter chicken to biryanis, curries, soups, Indian salads, and loads of pan-Asian treats to choose from. And all the dishes are 100% vegan.

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Montreal brunch is a tradition. On weekends, you are spoiled for choice if you want to eat out and indulge in waffles, eggs Benedict and bottomless mimosas. But finding healthy vegan brunch options can be more challenging. Enter Tula; the recently-opened Indian eatery located on boulevard Saint-Laurent is now serving cruelty-free brunch meals on weekends.

Open since February 21, the small restaurant in the heart of the Plateau claims to be Montreal's only authentic plant-based Indian restaurant. "All the brunch items are very exotic yet still homestyle Indian," owner Abhishek Arun told MTL Blog.

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Open since July 2018, India Rosa on avenue du Mont-Royal E. has made a name for itself in the Montreal food scene. When MTL Blog asked readers for their top Indian restaurant recommendations, it topped the list. Now, a second, bigger and fancier location has opened in Griffintown. It seems to flaunt the success of the original.

India Rosa Griffintown is located near the Bassin Peel. If the first restaurant is defined by its comfortable contemporary design with rustic accents, the new branch is classier, serving tropical lounge vibes with large mirrors, wooden furniture and blue accents.

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We put a call-out on Instagram for your favourite Indian restaurants in Montreal and got almost 300 responses and 70 recommendations. Here are the 21 restaurants with the most submissions.

Indian cuisine, of course, comprises a number of culinary traditions in South Asia. For this list, we only included eateries that self-describe as Indian. We also excluded off-island restaurant recommendations.

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Spicebros x MTL Blog...who woulda thought? Well, on a night when I was craving some Indian and scrolled upon one of my fave spots, I was pretty stunned when I noticed they had an "MTL Blog Roll" on the menu and obvi I had to try it out.

I reached out to Spicebros just to make sure I wasn't seeing things and turns out, the Frankie roll is totally inspired by us. "Since Spicebros is a brand born in Montreal, we wanted to name one of our rolls after it," the restaurant told MTL Blog.

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One of my favourite cuisines has got to be Indian. It's got everything that I'm looking for: flavour, spice and everything nice. And the best part is, Montreal Indian restaurants offer an incredibly diverse range of flavours and dishes.

Whether you're new to Indian cuisine or an old pro, Montreal has some of the best Indian food I've had... and I've had my fair share.

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