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spca cats

The Montreal SPCA needs your help! The animal welfare centre currently has 31 rabbits up for adoption — all of which urgently need a forever home.

The Montreal SPCA shared a post across its socials on Feb 2 saying that they would be waiving all of the adoption fees associated with adopting a bunny.

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The Montreal SPCA is looking for forever families for six doggos currently up for adoption.

You can adopt a dog awaiting their future hooman at the shelter, or dogs who are currently in foster care or with special needs. The SPCA requires members of the public to make an appointment with an adoption counsellor who will guide them through the process and explain the commitment and responsibility that comes with adopting a dog.

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When it comes to animal safety and well-being, the Montreal SPCA knows exactly what they're doing. The SPCA Investigations Division recently rescued two horses who were sequestered for several years in the outskirts of Montreal.

In an Instagram post shared to the SPCA page, the Investigations Division had received a recent report regarding two horses outside the Montreal region who had "been locked in their stalls for several years," the SPCA wrote.

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