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vieux montreal

Old Montreal is going to become more pedestrian-friendly in the coming years, beginning with the pedestrianization of a big chunk of the neighbourhood.

The city announced the plan as part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality in transportation by 2040.

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Old Montreal is about to get a huge new hotel addition. Canada's first Hyatt Centric will open its doors to guests later this fall.

The property on rue Notre-Dame will have 177 guestrooms, including five 600-square-foot suites, four meeting rooms and almost 5,000 square feet of event space.

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The Pointe-à-Callière Museum's 18th-century public market is coming back to Old Montreal between August 27 and 28. The event revives the gathering space that once stood in what's now the Place Royale and Place D'Youville.

Re-enactors will pose as early settlers representing a cross-section of colonial society; Pointe-à-Callière says there will be noblemen, peasants, sailors, villagers and soldiers marching through the grounds and conducting firing drills.

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Local birds are sharpening their talons and taking names. A video posted to TikTok shows a pair of birds mercilessly dive-bombing unsuspecting passersby at the corner of rues Saint-André and de la Commune in the Montreal Old Port.

The video, taken by Montrealer Aya Chraibi (aya.chr97 on TikTok), shows the furious flurry of beaks and feathers chasing pedestrian after pedestrian away from their domain of streetside trees and construction scaffolding.

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Event production company La Lutinerie presents its Campers' Christmas from July 21 to 24 at the Berge des Coursiers. Along the Lachine Canal, at the foot of the Five Roses building, Les Guinguettes comes back with this free vegan edition, and the organizers promise it's going to be a blast.

On the menu are vegan specialties from Merci Tâta, including burgers, hot dogs and other tapas, to be enjoyed at the water's edge. You will also have the opportunity to quench your thirst with lemonades and cocktails prepared in front of your eyes by volunteer bartenders.

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A 25-year-old pedestrian is in critical condition after she was struck by a vehicle early Saturday morning in Montreal's Old Port. Around 4 a.m., police received a 911 call about a woman lying near the corner of Saint-Jacques, not far from Saint-Pierre Street.

"We believe the pedestrian tried to cross Saint-Jacques when a vehicle was coming," said SPVM spokesperson Caroline Chevrefils.

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With so much to do and see, we all already know that Montreal is one hella cool place to be in the summer. And one of the most exciting events to take over the city every year is without a doubt the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The only Canadian stop on the GP circuit, Montrealers have always embraced the excitement of Formula 1. Some might even say, better than Europe itself. While there is a little something going on in almost every corner of the city, Old Montreal is going all out this year, with a huge selection of activities to celebrate the most prestigious race in the world, and not just for the super fan.

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You would think that of all the festivals Montreal hosts every year, one entirely dedicated to poutine would be it's oldest and longest running, right? Believe it or not, we've actually never had one before. There is a Poutine Week, which is magically delicious and all, but it does require traveling to each restaurant to get your hands on your favourite comfort food, where as the Montreal's first-ever Poutine Festival, will put all the poutine in one place for your gluttonous pleasure.

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Nod if this happens to you way too often: you go out in the summer, either going to a festival with your friends or just spending time outside in the summer sun. Summer had been your chance to hit the beach, go on vacations, attend concerts, bike and swim outside, or just generally chilling out with an iced drink in hand. Then fall happens, then winter happens, and suddenly you retreat to hibernate for five months. You stop going outside except to go to work or school, and you spend every weekend feeling exhausted and wandering around your house aimlessly. You stop moving, except to trace out the path from your computer to the fridge and then back to your bed.

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