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These 5 Netflix Movies & TV Shows Were Filmed In Quebec

Are you able to spot any scenes filmed in la belle province? 👀🎥

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Actors from Netflix film Single All The Way. Right: Actors from Netflix show M'entends-tu?

Actors from Netflix film Single All The Way. Right: Actors from Netflix show M'entends-tu?


When it comes to some of the most popular Netflix Canada TV shows and films, you won't believe just how many are filmed in Canada, let alone in Quebec. While the prices may have gone up, we all know that we won't be giving up Netflix any time soon, so you can actually watch them now.

From rom coms to French comedies to a few dramas, Netflix managed to film in various locations across Quebec including Montreal, Lanaudière, and the Laurentians, to name a few — and here's which films to look out for!

The Guide To The Perfect Family

The Guide To The Perfect Family dropped back in 2021 and was filmed in various locations across Quebec. Starring a few Canadian actors, including Louis Morissette, Catherine Chabot, and Xavier Lebel.

The film, which focuses on a couple in Quebec, was filmed in both Montreal and the Laurentians. The film's lead character, Martin, heads into downtown Montreal every day, where a few spots can definitely be recognized. The cast headed on up to the Laurentians for scenes filmed at the character's family chalet, highlighting a lot of Quebec's nature.

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Single All The Way

Single All The Way was easily one of the cutest Christmas rom coms to drop on Netflix last year. Starring Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers, Luke Macfarlane, and Jennifer Coolidge, this holiday flick found itself filming in various locations across the province.

Scenes shot for the movie were filmed in Montreal, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, and Brome-Missisquoi. While we aren't entirely sure where that last spot is, the cast of Single All The Way is certainly familiar with it. Were you able to notice any of these Quebec locations throughout the movie?

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Somebody Feed Phil

Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, went ahead and travelled across the globe to get a taste of many local cuisines and cultures, and Montreal was on his list.

Throughout his Netflix show, Somebody Feed Phil, Rosenthal found himself in Montreal and got to experience a few of our most prized restaurants.

Phil visited Park in Westmount, Olive et Gourmando in Old Montreal, Schwartz's Deli and Ma Poule Mouillée in the Plateau, and of course, a visit to Montreal is never complete without a visit to St-Viateur Bagel.

When asked about his time in Montreal, Phil had this to say.

"It feels like Europe. When you walk down the streets, you see the architecture, you see the parks, it's very sweet, it's very charming, and it's Canada so everybody's nice. It makes it easy to forget it's just a one-hour flight from New York," Rosenthal said.

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If you haven't watched M'entends-tu? yet, then it's a def must-watch! The show was almost entirely filmed in Montreal, and follows the lives of three besties who come from low-income dysfunctional families — which leads to a lot of sorrow, but a lot of laughs, too.

The cast found themselves filming in many of Montreal's boroughs including Lachine, Saint-Paul, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, and even around the McGill University Campus. With two seasons on Netflix, M'entends-tu? is worth a watch just to spot some of the city's most recognizable areas.

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Jusqu'au Déclin

This Canadian action and adventure film was released back in 2020 and stars Guillaume Laurin, Marie-Évelyne Lessard, Réal Bossé, and Marc Beaupré.

Jusqua'au Déclin was filmed in two locations across Quebec including the Laurentians, which was an ideal spot considering the film is set in a rural and northern region, and Lanaudière. The cast filmed at the Forêt Ouareau Regional Park, which is about 90 minutes from Montreal.

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