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montreal subway

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) recently posted a video to its TikTok page of random items that are collected in the Montreal Metro lost and found — ranging from shoes to rat food.

The TikTok, titled "Normal things we find in the lost and found," featured a handful of eyebrow-raising items that really make you wonder what some transit users are up to. The list of lost and found items from the Montreal Metro includes baby shoes, a door handle, a bouncy ball, cracked iPhones, mini plush dolls, kids' baseball caps and, of course, you cannot forget the rat food — adult rat food to be specific. Actually, someone did forget the rat food.

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Montreal loves to trumpet its difference from other cities in North America. But why does that difference have to extend to the very components of our metro system?

A look back at discussions around the planning of the metro system in the 1960s offers at least some insight into the seemingly peculiar use of rubber tires on the Montreal metro.

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Journey to the centre of the Earth in a new video of the Montreal REM's future stop at Édouard-Montpetit station. Late last year, members of the media got to tour the site, which, at 72 metres below the surface, will become Canada's deepest subway station when it opens in 2023.

Narcity and MTL Blog's own Alex Melki was among the visitors. Narcity's video of the tour shows the scale of the project to link the Mount Royal Tunnel to the STM's blue metro line station.

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Oh, to dream about what could have been. A memo sent to Mayor Jean Drapeau in 1966 includes a Montreal metro map showing how planners initially imagined future line extensions.

The network map looks totally different from the map we know today.

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It's the kind of title you just don't want to believe, but sadly it's true.

The AZUR trains have already been removed from the metro.

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