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montreal poutine restaurants

Cheese, fries and gravy. A simple trio that when combined creates the classic, mouthwatering dish we all know and love as poutine. Now, grabbing the iconic Quebec meal at one of Montreal's must-try spots is how to really do poutine right. But sometimes, a poutine from one of the big fast-food chains just has to do.

So could a quickie from your fave drive-thru chain approach the poutine calibre of the real deal dishes that you'd find at Montreal restaurants such as La Banquise, Chez Claudette and Decarie Hot Dog? That's what I wanted to find out.

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At the world's end, when nothing remains but dust and rubble, when the land lies grey and fallow and the birds don't dare to sing, what will become of Quebec's culinary legacy? What will we remember of the province that once stood so tall? Poutine, duh.

Here's everything you need to know about poutine, the classic québécois comfort food dish — what it is, where it comes from and where to get it (and not get it).

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Among Montreal's favourite meals is the humble poutine, a comfort food with no equal that I've ever encountered. Perfect when you're intoxicated and delicious when you're sober, poutine brings warm, cheesy goodness to any occasion. But if you're new in town (or just live under a rock for cheap rent), it can be daunting to face the sheer number of poutine options at your fingertips these days.

Consider this your guided tour of the most well-respected poutine establishments across the island, curated by adoring Montrealers and earnest allies. There's more to poutine than just La Banquise, but it's an excellent place to start.

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Poutine is a Quebecois cultural staple and Montreal has plenty of good, great, regular and king-size versions of the classic dish. But if you want to go beyond the craveable fare of chain restaurants and explore the depths of poutine creativity, consider this your one-stop shop for fantastical creations, both savoury and sweet.

From high-calibre fancy food to surprising culinary combos, this list contains more than a week's worth of weird poutine dinners. It is by no means exhaustive, though — this city has no shortage of creative chefs and cutting-edge food experimentalists. If your favourite left-field poutine isn't on this list, please let us know.

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When it comes to poutine, Quebec's most prized food, there's no denying just how satisfying this delish meal is, amirite? — I mean there's a whole Poutine Week festival dedicated to the dish.

From the French fries, cheese curds, all the way down to the gravy, it's pure perfection, but what if we told you there's one poutine out there that reigns supreme? Well, there is.

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