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solidarity tax quebec

Meeting your basic needs and meeting the love of your life may be equally challenging to the average Canadian unless you're aware of these handy federal benefits and government programs that can help you with the former (even if the latter is a pipe dream).

The on-average rising cost of rent in Montreal and the steep prices of groceries across the province have put extra pressure on Montrealers' bank accounts, even at the most budget-friendly of establishments. Even if you're already tuned into the Canada Workers Benefit or well-versed on how Canada's GST/HST credit works, there are surely some stones in this piece you haven't overturned yet. For those with disabilities or caring for a child, many of these benefits are slightly increased to account for more financial challenges you might face. Frequently, child-related benefits will increase as the number of children under your care increases.

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With the rising cost of like... everything throughout the country, low-income Canadian renters can expect a one-time payment of $500 from the federal government this year as part of a plan to make life more affordable.

It's one part of a handful of measures aimed at helping Canadians struggling with inflation.

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The federal government updated the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) back in 2021 and today, over three million Canadians are now eligible for the refundable tax credit — and you could be eligible for up to $2,400.

While tax season can be tough enough, knowing what you are eligible to receive from the Government of Canada is pretty handy information, and we're making it a little easier to keep up with what you may be entitled to.

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