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just for laughs festival

Festival season is in full swing across Montreal and the Just For Laughs fest is taking centre stage. The comedy scene is gearing up for a hilarious lineup of JFL shows and dozens of them are totally free.

While you might be willing to dish out the big bucks for top names including Russell Peters, Ali Wong and Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo, you can definitely get in some laughs this festival season without having to break the bank. A number of Just For Laughs shows ranging from stand-up acts, and hilarious improv battles to head-banging DJ sets will take place across various outdoor venues in Montreal from July 20 to 29, 2023 and they won't cost you a single penny.

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The Just For Laughs festival is officially on with an impressive lineup of stand-up comics and loads of must-see shows at the main festival, OFF-JFL and the franco sets of Zoofest. Of particular note is Montreal's very own Kickback comedy show, whose July 19 edition will make history as the first-ever local anglophone show to hit the Zoofest/OFF-JFL main stage.

Zoofest has always been primarily franco-focused, so Kickback landing the lead is a significant milestone for the comedy show and the comedy scene as a whole in Montreal. "It’s clear there is room at the table for everyone," Kickback co-creator Eva Alexo told MTL Blog.

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Montreal is set to be the celeb hotspot this summer. A slew of big names are set to grace our streets with their presence at various Montreal events from concerts at Centre Bell and Place Bell to outdoor music festivals and Just For Laughs.

For those eager to set their sights on a few of their favourite A-listers, we've got you covered with the inside scoop on when they'll be in Montreal and where you'll be able to see them.

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Just for Laughs has been bringing comedy greats to Montreal for nearly three weeks now — a mix of paid indoor and free outdoor shows across they city. Before the festival wraps up on July 31, it still has dozens of acts featuring famed francophone and anglophone comedians on the line-up. At least seven of those shows will be free to view on an outdoor stage downtown. Here are the details:

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When it comes to Montreal festivals, you know the city always delivers. Well, Just For Laughs is finally making its comeback after moving the festival online and its 2022 lineup just dropped. The iconic knee-slapping event is bound to impress, especially taking into account the many big names that will be flocking to the 514.

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Just For Laughs will return to Montreal with acts such as Marc Maron, Chelsea Handler, Bill Burr, Patton Oswalt, and Russell Peters, all making appearances.

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