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montreal day trip

If you've been hoping to head south for some much-needed rest and relaxation but wanna avoid the airport drama, then you can take advantage of a little piece of the tropics right here in Quebec.

Domaine Bazinet, located only two hours from Montreal, offers up stunning lake views with a beach perfect for your summer vacay.

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Picture sparkling blue waters edged with sand, glittering turquoise under the midday sun… You lazily flip through a good book, developing a healthy tan despite your sunscreen with the occasional break to dip your toes into the water. Sounds good? You’re in luck — this is no tropical destination, it's an Ontario beach four and a half short hours from Montreal.

Tucked into the north edge of Lake Ontario lies this picturesque beachfront getaway: Darlington Provincial Park, just east of Oshawa.

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If you weren't able to enjoy Montreal's tulip field festivities, then don't fret, 'cause you can get some of that flower power from Ferme Champy, a farm only an hour from Montreal offering up rows and rows of beautiful sunflowers.

The farm is located in the town of Sainte-Christine in the Montérégie region, where you can take in the blooming period of these flowers that are bound to add some sunshine to your life.

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With the arrival of summer weather in Quebec, now's the time to start planning your first aventures estivales.

While a weekend getaway from Montreal might be calling your name, sometimes all you've got time for is a quick day trip, and luckily, there are loads of gorgeous spots with loads to do within a two-hour radius of Montreal.

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