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les premiers vendredis

Montreal's Old Port is being taken over by a whole host of delicious, entertaining food festivals, from tacos and food trucks to Caribbean delicacies and overwhelmingly creative poutines.

These five food festivals (many of which are free to enter) are all taking place at the Clock Tower Quay at Old Port, where you and your family and friends can enjoy some of Montreal's best food experiences, while also enjoying live music and a variety of beverages.

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Food trucks will once again take over Montreal's Olympic Stadium Esplanade on the first Friday of every month this summer. Les Premiers Vendredis represent "the largest gathering of food trucks in Canada," organizers say. This year, it will have more to offer than ever.

In addition to dozens of food trucks and cuisines, the event will feature a new, central "Rue Culturelle" with new programming every month designed to showcase "the diverse traditions of the cultural communities that make up the richness of Montreal."

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Montreal's favourite food truck festival Les Premiers Vendredis is rolling into the Old Port for a special 10th-anniversary edition. From August 5 to 7, you'll be able to take your pick of culinary delights by the Quai de l'horloge while enjoying views of the St. Lawrence River and Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Over 30 restaurants and food trucks will participate in the event, including an oyster bar.

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Montreal's food truck event of the summer rolls onto the grounds of the Olympic Stadium in just over three weeks with a selection of meals on wheels to delight your palate. Canada's largest gathering of food trucks, Les Premiers Vendredis, takes place on the first Friday of each month between June and October. You'll be able to pick from nearly 50 participating trucks during this year's 10th edition.

The line-up for the festival's grand opening on June 3 will be extra spicy, giving new meaning to the phrase hot wheels, with eight featured Mexican food trucks to get your mouth watering. Try the quesadillas from AriZ5, loaded nachos from Mad Mexican, authentic burritos from Arriba Burrito, homemade guac from Calaveras, all-vegetarian options from Mi Corazon Food Truck Végétalien, marinated salads from MASA cuisine de rue & traiteur, Tex-Mex tacos from Andros El Tacos, or fresh tamales fromLili Et Gordo.

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With Quebec's COVID-19 restrictions greatly reduced in recent weeks, many Montrealers have their eye on summer 2022, when several festivals and events are expected to return after being forced to cancel or change their formats during the pandemic. This includes the city's famous food truck festival, Les Premiers Vendredis, which announced it'll be coming back for a 10th edition — and we're already drooling.

According to a post on Les Premiers Vendredis' Facebook page, the event will be back every first Friday of the month from June to October.

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If anyone dares to tell you that summer is almost over, don't believe them. Especially considering there's still a long list of free things to do in Montreal this September, most of which involve being outside.

Summer is simply never-ending in the 514 and we've got zero complaints about that.

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Here in Montreal we love our festivals. There's basically a festival for every single thing you could ever think of. But we all know what the best kinds of festivals are: FOOD! 

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Well friends, it's official. Summer is finally (finally!) here.

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Well, friends, it's about that time again. Very soon, the sun is going to start shining, the grass is going to start getting greener, and Montreal will defrost into the beautiful city of events and good vibes it was born to be.

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