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rapid tests quebec

The Federal government recently announced that, from February 28, Canadians returning home from abroad will no longer have to take a pre-arrival PCR test.

While a negative COVID test is still required to enter Canada, results from rapid antigen tests will now be accepted, as long as they're from within a day before your flight is scheduled.

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On February 15, the Canadian government announced that it will be updating its travel restrictions — and this means flying internationally could become a lot easier. In a press conference held on Tuesday, federal ministers announced that Canada will be ending its non-essential global travel advisory as of February 28.

The government will be adjusting the travel health notice from level three to level two, removing the recommendation that Canadians avoid travelling for non-essential purposes.

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Have you been having a hard time trying to procure a rapid test in Quebec? You're not alone! Luckily it seems as if there is a glimmer of hope as the distribution of rapid tests is set to pick up province-wide.

Now, as PCR tests are reserved for priority groups, at home rapid tests have become the norm and Santé Québec is clarifying exactly when to use the testing kit for a more accurate diagnosis.

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If finding a rapid test in Quebec has felt like unsuccessfully digging for gold lately, it may soon be easier to get your hands on a (figuratively) shimmering swab kit. On Thursday, Quebec's Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) announced that it had partnered with a private company to supply the province with 70 million COVID-19 rapid tests over the next few months.

According to a press release issued on Thursday, the province has reached an agreement with MedSup Medical, a Quebec-based manufacturer, distributor and importer of medical equipment. However, it says "the execution of the contract is conditional on obtaining Health Canada approvals."

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If, like most Quebecers, you've been struggling to get your hands on free COVID-19 rapid tests, you may want to try again next week. According to the professional association of pharmacist-pharmacy owners, drugstores across the province will be getting more in stock the week of January 10.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, the Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP) says it "has learned that new rapid self-tests for COVID-19 will soon be available to the Quebec population."

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So, it happened, the moment you've been dreading since the beginning of the pandemic... you've tested positive for COVID-19 in Quebec. And you're likely stuck wondering: what do I do now?

Well, first things first, you either got your positive results after being tested at a screening centre in Quebec or by using a rapid test.

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As the Omicron variant surges across Quebec, health experts have pointed to rapid tests as one of the tools the public can use to try to stay safe from rising case counts and protect others. And those kits will be available at select pharmacies tomorrow — while supplies last.

In a news release issued Sunday, the Association québécoise des distributeurs en pharmacie (AQDP) said more than 200,000 kits would be available around Quebec on Monday, December 20 — the first of some 800,000 kits the Quebec government said would be available for free by the start of the holiday season.

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Earlier this week, the government announced that Quebecers would be able to access free rapid COVID-19 tests at 1,900 pharmacies across the province starting on Monday, December 20. Now, the professional owner-pharmacists association is providing more information on the rollout, including rules and details you should know.

"Tests will be distributed as we receive them, but they may not be available in all pharmacies in the first few days of the rollout. Participating pharmacies will be restocked continually in the coming weeks based on shipments from the federal government," says Benoit Morin, president of the Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP) in a press release.

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Quebecers could be getting a special Christmas gift from the government this year: COVID-19 self-tests to take at home. In a press conference on Friday, Health Minister Christian Dubé said he has asked the federal government for 10-million self-tests that he hopes to dish out to families across the province for the holidays.

But he said whether or not the rapid test kits, which come in packs of five, can be doled out to Quebecers in time depends — like vaccines — on federal supply.

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