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Top Stories In And Around Montreal

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Quebec City Has 'Disturbing' New Statues That Look Like Demonic BDSM Smurfs (PHOTOS)

Imagine coming across these at night?

Okay, but imagine coming across these statues at night? Quebec City residents who visit the Parc de la Maison O'Neill between October and December are in for a surprise. Towering out of the bush are three unnaturally blue figures gathered around a giant golden apple.

Artist duo Cooke-Sasseville says their latest installation, titled Le Fruit Maudit, presents a "visual enigma" by distorting "various symbols that are easily identifiable by the public."

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One Of The Most Magical Christmas Markets In Quebec City Confirmed It'll Be Back This Year

Make sure to add Quebec City's German Christmas Market to your winter bucket list!

The minute it starts getting a little bit chilly in Montreal, we can't help but start thinking of holiday festivities. And what better way to break in the season than by visiting one of the many Christmas markets in Quebec once they open?

If you're in the midst of planning your winter bucket list, you can go ahead and add Quebec City's German Christmas Market to it, as the market confirmed it'll be returning in 2021.

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The Imagine Van Gogh Exhibit Is Officially Moving To Quebec City After It Leaves Montreal

Quebec City is getting a lot more colourful.
  • After an immensely successful Montreal run, Imagine Van Gogh is moving to Quebec City.
  • The exhibition offers an immersive view of the artist's most famous works and inspirations.
  • Get all the details, including the last Montreal dates, here.

After an extremely popular run at the Arsenal art contemporain in Montreal, Imagine Van Gogh is set to move to Quebec City. "The Centre des congrès de Québec will host a spectacular immersive exhibition devoted to the work of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, which will take the viewer on a journey to the heart of the artist's canvases," says a press release. "This announcement comes on the heels of the immense success of the exhibition currently on display in Montréal [...] which will have attracted more than 200,000 people."

For the exhibit, Van Gogh's works and images of his real-life inspirations are projected onto giant hanging canvases and the gallery floor.

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9 Indoor Activities To Avoid The Cold In Quebec City That Aren't Just Drinks & A Movie

Some out-of-the-box ideas to keep your warm while in La Capitale.

With the temperature at its very worst here in La Belle Province, it can be hard to come up with fun things to do either on a date or when you're looking for something fun to do with friends. It's especially hard to find fun things to do that aren't just wandering through countless museums, which is why we came up with this list of nine indoor things to do Quebec City.

The activities on this list are perfect a rainy day (or a freezing cold day), and they aren't just drinks and a movie.

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The Biggest Corn Maze In The World Is Now In Quebec & You'd Better Pack A Picnic

I can't wait to go!
  • Le Grand labyrinth Servlinks corn maze in Quebec claims that, this year, it has broken the world record for biggest corn maze in the world.
  • At over 70 acres, it is the size of 181 hockey rinks.

Located in La Pocatière, Quebec, about a 4 hours drive from Montreal, Le Grand labyrinth Servlinks makes for one of the coolest road trips in the province.

The 287,326.8 square metre labyrinth is all done by foot, so it makes for a great workout! You are still going to want to look cute because there are a lot of Insta-worthy shots to be taken at this corn-maze.

Just make sure you bring a lot of water, comfortable shoes and snacks.

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This FREE Multicultural Food & Music Festival Is The Biggest In Quebec

Experience over 42 countries at MondoKarnaval.

Anywhere you go in Quebec during the summer there is bound to be a festival in the vicinity. And if you're near Quebec City at the end of August, this is the festival you don't want to miss.

For the sixth year in a row, MondoKarnaval is back! And dare we say, bigger than ever. This is the most festive festival that ever fested. 

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