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drogheria fine

Montreal is home to some of the best restaurants in Canada . Whether you're in the mood for Lebanese cuisine , African, Southeast Asian, Italian or Polish food, Montreal has got you covered and then some.

While you'll find some of the most delicious eateries in every corner of the city, the Plateau is easily one of the most culinary diverse boroughs across Montreal. With well-known streets such as Rachel, Mont-Royal, Saint-Denis and Saint Laurent all being home to some of the top restaurants, it's safe to say that the Plateau is the spot to experience Montreal's food scene .

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You've just arrived in Montreal with all your hopes and dreams, a suitcase full of sweaters, tuques and boots, a car or bicycle with perfectly functioning suspension and a healthy appetite. Where should you eat to become a Montrealer, or at least to feel like one?

Montreal has forever been spoiled with restaurants of every possible iteration, from world-class award-winning Montreal restaurants to ultra-affordable spots (and some that do both), from restaurants offering the cuisines of practically every corner of the world to joints specializing in Québécois fare (far beyond poutine ). This list is an agonizing attempt to define the most essential Montreal restaurants for a newcomer to get a true feel for local food culture and overall culture.

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City living can be tough on the wallet. But when you've got money smarts on your side, you don't have to compromise your lifestyle or budget to get the best experiences Montreal has to offer.

MTL Blog recently reached out on Instagram to find out where y'all find the best deals on food and fun in the city, and you didn't disappoint!

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The sweetest time of the week is finally approaching: the weekend .

Weekends in the summer are the perfect time to take advantage of the many festive things Montreal has to offer. Whether you're looking to get your laugh on, dance the weekend away, or eat at some of Montreal's hottest spots, we've totally got you covered.

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As Canadians and folks across the globe continue to experience the effects of rising inflation , Montreal Italian restaurant Drogheria Fine is paying no mind to the rising cost of, well, everything, by keeping its signature $5 gnocchi as so.

Much like Montreal's iconic $2 chow mein , Montrealers can continue to enjoy the taste of Drogheria Fine's classic gnocchi without having to dish out more.

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When it comes to figuring out plans for you and that special someone, dates in Montreal don't have to cost a lot! The city is full of options that will not only impress your significant other but won't break the bank either.

Whether you're looking for some adventure, something delicious, or something low-key, here are a few date ideas that'll be bound to spark some joy without you having to dish out too much.

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