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sushi montreal

When it comes to the best restaurants for sushi in Montreal, the city only continues to step up its game with each passing year. These aren't your average seafood restaurants (as good as those can be). No, these spots serve the best imported fish and sake in establishments both authentic and original, made and selected by sushi chefs who've trained abroad and across the province. Montreal has got it all, and we’ve got it good.

The cheap and quick omakase services will knock your socks off and some of the best restaurants in Canada have a delivery option — consider the following list your guide to where to find them. Read on for the best sushi in Montreal.

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It's the final stretch before spring — thank goodness! But that doesn't mean you have to wait indoors for temps to rise and the snow to melt. The worst is behind us and now it's time to make the most of the last bits of winter.

Our city has so much to offer, and even if it's still freezing, you can still find the motivation to get dressed and get out.

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Two salmon rolls are never enough. Even a dozen overpriced pieces don't make any sense when you know there are several all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants in Montreal. Raw fish is a treat, and you deserve to have as much as you want without breaking your piggy bank.

Here are some of the best restaurants in our city to indulge in an unlimited sushi feast:

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I won't pretend like I've been everywhere in Montreal, but since I moved here, I've made it a mission to seek out the activities, dining experiences and attractions that give the city its electric allure.

From the food scene to the booming nightlife and the nature spots, I feel lucky I get to learn more about the metropolis every day.

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Calling all sushi lovers! Bloom Sushi has officially opened its doors at a second location in the heart of Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles.

After three successful years in Old Montreal, Bloom's vegan sushi has arrived downtown with a brand new look and menu.

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No lie, it can be a bit difficult to figure out what to do with that special lady in your life. In a city like Montreal, there are tons of things to do out there - so where does one  even begin?

Well, friends, that's where I come in. I've done the work so you won't waste any precious bae time trying to coming up with awesome date ideas. They're all right here for the two of you to enjoy together. Do all of these now, friends, and, as always, thank me later.

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True story: I have an actual obsession with sushi. I'm not even messing with you guys; sushi is my go-to meal after doing basically anything in the city. I could have it for lunch and dinner every single day of my life, and I still would never get tired of it. I'd still try to find some way to incorporate it into breakfast.

Thankfully, there are tons of restaurants in Montreal that understand my sushi struggle. How? In the form of all you can eat sushi spots. Seriously, an intense love for sushi like mine can get pretty expensive; but thankfully, there are a bunch of awesome places where price/quality/quantity meet up in a beautiful trifecta of happiness. Don't know where to find one of these spots? Don't worry, friend. I've got your back. Read on for Best Montreal All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurants 2016.

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