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cheap food montreal

In a city renowned for its vibrant food scene and culinary talents, finding an affordable yet delicious Montreal restaurant should theoretically feel like a daunting task. But in reality, knowing and discovering the bountiful cheap eat spots across Montreal is everyone's favourite food-related pursuit — including Montreal's top chefs, six of whom have revealed their hidden gems for a satisfying meal in Montreal under $20.

Considering our vast repertoire of must-try eateries, there is a little bit of everything for everyone, and while it may not feel as if there are delectable cheap eats and inexpensive bars in Montreal, there are more than you'd think.

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Inflation and an ongoing housing squeeze in Montreal means it costs more than ever to live in this city. While it can be tough to find a cheap place to live, however, it’s still easy to enjoy good and inexpensive food. We’ll prove it: These are the best cheap eats in Montreal

Although Montreal has no shortage of award-winning restaurants, the city’s high quality of life can make living here a little more affordable — and maybe even a little better — with great food found at these local restaurants where you’ll not only eat well, but for less.

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It may not always look it with Montreal rents pushing ever closer to those of Toronto, but this city's still got a strong reputation for keeping things on the cheaper side.

In a city full of award-winning restaurants, those of us on a budget can still eat at a fancy place on the cheap. It’s totally possible to dine out like a person with a fat bank account without completely draining your actual bank account.

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Montreal's celebration of local Japanese food, culture and businesses, YATAI MTL, has released its complete list of vendors. 38 in total — including 27 merchants and 11 street food stalls — will take to the Peel Basin between June 8 and 11. The festival will also feature 11 performers and DJs.

Here are the participating merchants:

  • ARTA Arts de la table
    • imported Japanese food products
    • jewellery accessories
  • Atelier Tsubaki
    • jewellery and accessories
  • Bcuit Mtl
    • hand-folded fortune cookies
  • Bosuman
    • anime, manga and cosplay-inspired attire
  • Boutique Kodama
    • clothes and accessories
  • Boutique Meico and Pâtisserie japonaise KotoAn Wagashi
    • two enterprises joining forces to offer accessories, kimonos and sweets
  • Centre Taiyo Inc
    • personal health services (massage therapy, acupuncture, etc.) and products (tea, oils, etc.)
  • Couteaux japonais Stay Sharp
    • knives
  • Kimono Vintage
    • traditional Japanese attire
  • Kimono Yuki
    • kimonos, photo sessions and kimono workshops
  • KoikiJPN
    • floral hair and ear accessories
  • Kyoto Fleurs
    • flowers, plants and home goods
  • La brasserie San-O Sake inc.
    • koji and other Japanese food products made with local ingredients
  • Les enfants sauvages
    • clothes and accessories
  • Loongese
    • tea products, art and home goods
    • reusable meal containers and bento boxes
  • Maruō Works
    • clothes and accessories
  • MIKA
    • plants, ceramics and home goods
  • Okini Céramiques
    • ceramics
  • SA Design by SASA
    • clothes and accessories
  • Sakao Thé Japonais
    • green tea and matcha
  • SO:yA Bakehouse
    • bakery
    • artful posters and stationery
  • Sweet Stationery Shop
    • imported stationery
  • Thés Guru
    • tea
  • Tokusen
    • terroir products

These are the participating restaurants and their YATAI MTL offerings:

    • rice bowl with truffle tuna and watermelon salad (donburi and suika)
  • Dano
    • chicken teriyaki skewers
  • Fleurs et Cadeaux Restaurant
    • BBQ meat and vegetables
  • Hanzo
    • BBQ calamari, octopus, shrimp and potatoes
    • dorayaki (pancakes with a red bean filling), mochi and cookies
  • Poke Bento
    • tempura shrimp, takoyaki and fried gyoza
  • Raku
    • okonomiyaki and yakisoba (noodles)
  • Restaurant Imadake
    • takoyaki, fried gyoza, Japanese curry fries and ichigo kezuri (strawberries and cream)
  • Tsukuyomi Ramen
    • ramen (no broth) with sesame sauce
  • Uncle Testu Montreal
    • Japanese cheesecake, madeleines (pastries) and cheese tarts
  • Yamoyamo Cuisine Japonaise
    • teppanyaki steak and vegetables

YATAI MTL 2023 will also include an '80s disco party, a piano concert Studio Ghibli film soundtracks, a taiko (percussion instrument) performance by Ame no ato, and the return of its popular shiba and akita dog party.

Get a summary of the details below.



  • $3 entrance fee
  • food and product prices will vary
Where: Les QUAIS Peel Basin (end of the Lachine Canal in Griffintown), Montreal, QC


  • June 8, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • June 9, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • June 10, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • June 11, 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

YATAI MTL website

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As a newbie in this city, I was looking forward to MTLàTable to discover more culinary gems in my neighbourhood. And, let's be honest, when other than Montreal's restaurant week are you going to have an affordable three-course meal at a local eatery?

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Unsold food at Montreal's Atwater Market is now going to local households in need.

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