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weekend in montreal

The weekend is right around the corner and the city is just waiting for you to let loose and have fun.

While the temps are definitely HOT in Montreal, this weekend is going to be even hotter with the countless festivities happening in the 514.

Keep readingShow less that you? Back again so soon? We'll never complain about it, though. While this weekend is expected to be a rainy one in Montreal, that doesn't mean you still can't have some fun.

The city is home to countless spots that'll shelter you from the rainy forecast, all while adding a little much-needed pizzazz to your weekend festivities.

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Another weekend in Montreal is upon us. But this time, we aren't just celebrating the end of the week. We're celebrating the end of January! While January is always known as the longest month of the year, it's safe to say that January 2022 was particularly brutal.

So to say au revoir to the month that never ended, here are a bunch of fun things to do in Montreal for the last weekend of January.

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Montreal may be getting a little darker and drearier, but we can always count on the weekend to spark joy in the city.

In a place as colourful as Montreal, you can bet there are plenty of things to do this weekend if you want to add brightness to your life — yes, even when the sun sets at like 4 p.m.

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It's almost the weekend again in Montreal and we can practically taste it.

Sure, the weather's cooling down. And yes you're probably working from home so putting on pants is an added hassle. But it's only getting colder and we've been cooped for too long... so that's all the more reason to get your butt off the couch and have fun! Make the most of the weekend with these exciting things to do.

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The cold weather may be creepin' in, but since when has that ever stopped the city of Montreal ... especially when it comes to the weekend?

So grab your coats and your smile because this weekend's sure to be as amazing as ever. Here are 11 things to do.

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If you want to have a spooooooooooky Halloween, here are scary yet fun things to do in Montreal this weekend.

After all, the only thing scarier than Halloween is the fact that it's already the weekend again.

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This streak of lovely weather has had us yearning for the weekend, and it's finally here! These are some exciting things you can do in and around Montreal this weekend to make the most of it.

Enjoy the weekends while you can because, as true Quebecers know, the nice weather won't last forever.

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Can you believe it's already the weekend again? And, more importantly, can you believe it's already October?! Here are some great things to do in Montreal this weekend because you'd better believe both those things are true.

With fall in full swing and spooky season upon us, it's bound to be a great one.

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This isn't just any weekend in Montreal... It's the first weekend of fall!

And you better believe the city has a ton of stuff going on to help you celebrate in the most Montreal way possible.

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The week may have been short, but we've still been counting down to another weekend in Montreal.

With so many fun things to do in Montreal this weekend, who could blame us?!

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Labour Day is here, which means an extra day of the weekend in Montreal.

As always, you can count on Montreal to be packed with fun things to do before the summer is over.

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